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Policy Report

Hitting Their Stride: The Next Chapter of Developmental Education Reform

July 14, 2020
Gates Bryant
This is the second iteration of an annual study done in collaboration with the Strong Start to Finish Network, through funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to uncover how the adoption of new policies and practices has reduced the amount of time students have spent in developmental education courses. The findings within this iteration seek to understand the trends and advancements made by institutions, practitioners and providers in the space along the spectrum of policy innovation. Specifically, we see the developmental education reform movement at a tipping point as the field shifts from adopting policy to implementation at scale of new practices.
Points of Interest

Placement with Only High School GPAs

July 8, 2020
Vilan Odekar
This Points of Interest shows how CUNY implemented a new placement policy that incorporates a student’s high school GPA.
Points of Interest

Implementing Multiple Measures

July 1, 2020
Vilan Odekar
This Points of Interest shows how CUNY implemented a new placement policy to identify students who should have access to gateway level college courses.
People in the Reform

People in the Reform: Marcus Hunley

June 29, 2020
Vilan Odekar
Hear how Marcus Hunley, an aspiring pilot nearing graduation from Middle Georgia State University, is benefitting from reforms in developmental education within the Georgia State University System that give him alternatives and options in gateway math requirements.
Policy Report

Momentum at Scale: Menu of Services

June 25, 2020
Christopher M. Mullin, Molly Sarubbi
Strong Start to finish supports change at scale by incubating the development and promoting the dissemination of actionable, evidence-based policy and practice about student entry to and success in their initial year of college to bring equity to education. The SSTF Solutions Network depends on the cooperation and support of nationally recognized education organizations and university-based institutes. The network utilizes 2020’s Core Principles for Transforming Remediation within a Comprehensive Student Success Strategy as its principle document to frame the mission of the network, as well as the resources and services to be provided. The purpose of this menu is to be a guide for intermediaries to articulate the most pressing needs and desired outcomes related to developmental education reform at their institutions.
Points of Interest

Scaling Momentum

June 24, 2020
Christopher M. Mullin
This Points of Interest shows that the coordinated advancement of developmental education reform continues as more systems undertake the work, impacting more students.

Effective Professional Development for Faculty Engaged in Developmental Education Reform

June 23, 2020
Alison Kadlec
This podcast featuring Jennifer Miller, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Community College Support at SUNY, focuses on the importance of faculty engagement in successfully implementing reforms.
Points of Interest

College-Ready Students in Developmental Math

June 17, 2020
Vilan Odekar
This Points of Interest shows that despite successfully completing a supplemental math section of the CST, signaling college readiness, students were placed in developmental math courses in community college.
Points of Interest

Overrepresentation in Developmental Education

June 10, 2020
Shanique Broom
This Points of Interest shows that minority students take more developmental education courses on average when compared to white students.