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This paper details how the Texas Success Center established and deployed a strategy to support the staged implementation of the holistic reforms across 50 community colleges.
February 27, 2019
Christopher Baldwin
Tags: Alignment, 5. Align courses with programs of study., Transfer and Course Applicability

After 15 years of reform in America’s community colleges, the field has learned much about obstacles students encounter that prevent them from realizing their education goals. Thanks to sustained attention by foundations, states and leading institutions, we have elevated promising practices that can help more students succeed. Through these eforts we have accumulated solid evidence about strategies that work and, yet, the needle has only moved modestly on community college student outcomes overall. Why? One important reason for insufcient improvements is that too few institutions have implemented evidence-based changes. Key impediments to scaling proven reforms are often inadequate knowledge and capacity within institutions about the strategies research suggests will work, as well as inadequate technical assistance and support to implement them. This paper draws on the experience of the Texas Success Center (TSC), which is housed in the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC), to illuminate how state leaders might organize technical assistance and professional development to help colleges at varied levels of readiness to adopt promising practices. More specifically, in this paper we highlight the eforts of Texas community colleges to implement guided pathways reforms through TSC’s Texas Pathways strategy.