Strong Start To Finish
Learning from the Reform

2020 Learning Network Convening Program

Strong Start to Finish’s 2020 Learning Network Convening was a held in Miami the first week of March. Highlights are hard to extract, as each session brought value to participants. To that end, we have decided to share the program here.
March 13, 2020
Christopher M. Mullin
Tags: Acceleration, Accurate Placement, Alignment, Faculty and Staff Supports, Integration, Measurement and Outcomes, Refinement, Scaling, Student Supports, 1. Identify academic direction and supports., 2. Enroll in college-level math and English., 3. Provide supports., 4. Streamline remediation options., 5. Align courses with programs of study., 6. Use data effectively., 7. Prioritize the student experience., Augmenting the Faculty Role, Differential Capacity of Institutions, New Roles for Student Services, Strategic Finance, Strategic Investment Impacts, Structuring Equity, Transfer and Course Applicability