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Policy Report

Building Equity- Mindedness in Math Faculty: How CUE supported math faculty along a multi-year journey toward equity-mindedness and improved student outcomes for minoritized students

April 1, 2020

IN 2017, CUE EMBARKED ON a two-year project that involved six Colorado community colleges and over 27 math faculty. Funded by the Teagle Foundation, CUE set out to see how instructors might foster equity-mindedness via race-conscious inquiry. A companion grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported the reformatting of CUE’s tools and the development of new tools and assessments based on the learnings in Colorado, accessible now at

Supporting the faculty’s journey toward equitymindedness were two CUE “equity coaches” who developed cross-campus training workshops using CUE’s Racial Equity tools to support practitioner inquiry, coordinated monthly debriefs, and provided feedback and support after observing how each faculty member taught and ran their class. Throughout the project, the coaches helped faculty use CUE’s Racial Equity tools to develop and reflect on inquiry findings in order to rethink course and classroom structures and build relational practices with racially minoritized students in mind.