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Policy Report

Early Outcomes of Texas Community College Students Enrolled in Dana Center Mathematics Pathways Prerequisite Developmental Courses

August 1, 2019
Akiva Yonah Meiselman, Lauren Schudde

Every year, colleges refer more than a million students they deem underprepared for college-level mathematics coursework to sequences of one or more developmental math courses. Some of these students quickly complete these sequences and continue on to introductory college-level math courses, which are typically required for credential completion. However, most students linger in developmental math courses for years, either because they are placed into longer sequences of courses, struggle to pass these courses, or both. Developmental and college-level math requirements are both significant barriers for many students, regardless of major.

Given the challenges students face in completing developmental and entry-level college math courses, educators and researchers recognize the need for improvement in how students remediate their math skills and satisfy their math requirements.