Strong Start To Finish

We deepen our insights through collective knowledge.

Undertaking the following key initiatives:

Co-constructing a learning agenda with Scaling Sites, technical assistance partners and other stakeholders.

The curation, creation and dissemination of knowledge from workgroups elucidate exemplary practices and identify effective actions to address ongoing challenges. SSTF staff leverages the knowledge of experts to address each strand of the learning agenda.

Develop actionable, evidence-based knowledge artifacts.

SSTF staff publishes original material informed by the learning agenda, reports, partnerships and knowledge from the field. We partner with other organizations to publish information of value.  

Leverage the collective and emerging knowledge from the field.

SSTF staff leverages the knowledge of experts to support the learning agenda.  

Resource types include:

Learning from the Reform papers address pressing questions provided on the SSTF learning agenda or questions that emerge from the field.

People in the Reform papers put a face and voice to the specific reform efforts to lift-up individuals who are involved in reforms through interviews. 

Podcasts from Strong Start to Finish provide 'how-to' instructions for practitioners in the field as they implement reforms. 

Points of Interest support the case for change by extracting a key takeaway from a research study of policy brief and summarizing the work in a one-page document.

Steps to Success papers provide “how-to” documents to practitioners in the field as they work to implement reforms. 

Strategic Investment Impacts papers provide a step-by-step guide, with accompanying worksheets, to calculate financial measures, offer a set of questions to lead a dialogue with senior staff and suggests ways to communicate the information with internal and external stakeholders.