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Accelerating Developmental Student Success

This Points of Interest illuminates that acceleration can benefit students and highlights the need for pairing the model with student and faculty supports.
February 27, 2019
Maxine T. Roberts
Tags: Acceleration, 4. Streamline remediation options., Augmenting the Faculty Role

Slow progression and multiple exit points in development education sequences often result in low college-level course completion rates for students assigned to pre-college coursework. To address this concern, higher education systems are adopting accelerated models of developmental education. Acceleration condenses long developmental sequences into shorter courses aligned to the learning outcomes in gateway courses, and depending on the model, provides supplemental supports for learners. These benefits have improved student outcomes in gateway courses. For instance, at Chabot College, accelerated developmental courses for English produces statistically significant improvements in students’ gateway enrollment, completion, and pass rates— seven, eight, and six percentage points, respectively.