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The field of postsecondary education has seen dynamic new breakthroughs in student learning.

At Strong Start to Finish, we are working to amplify these breakthroughs and share what we learn. Across the field, there are different evidence-based design principles that show promise toward helping more college students succeed.

Our initial efforts are aligned around a set of evidence-based Core Principles that transform students’ experiences, so they succeed in their first year of college and then enter a program of study that leads to a thriving career.

The systematic building and sharing of knowledge is central to our work.

We will use academic research, cross-site convenings, and a continuous cycle of learning to capture and share knowledge across the Strong Start to Finish network.

An Expert Advisory Board, comprised of leading practitioners and technical assistance experts, will guide the overall research and knowledge development. Uri Treisman, a recognized advocate for change among postsecondary leaders nationwide, and a leading mathematician from the University of Texas at Austin, chairs the Expert Advisory Board.

We will build knowledge and share what we learn.

Our network will develop knowledge through data collection, research and systematic knowledge sharing, reflecting on lessons learned from site-based work, and measuring return on investments of time. Upcoming steps include:

  • Selecting a knowledge development and management lead to coordinate the work.
  • Sharing a guide to high-quality tools available to support implementation of Core Principles. These initial resources will be followed by a functional knowledge platform, to be developed over the next several quarters.
  • Producing high-quality interviews focused on operational issues, such as budgeting, financial planning and administrative systems.
  • Commissioning papers on hard problems, such as equity challenges inherent in certain uses of predictive analytics, Principle 4 and challenges to stable articulation policies.
  • Identifying the "next set" of problems the work will create, including effects on impacted programs, equity, and implementation of intrusive advising models at scale.
Core Principles
Core Principles

The Core Principles were developed in response to ineffective practices for helping students master remedial (pre-college level) content.

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The Strong Start to Finish approach is based on a large body of scholarly documents and educational research.

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This glossary explains some of the key terms associated with the Core Principles and developmental education.

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Uri Treisman Supports a Strong Start

Uri Treisman, chair of the Strong Start to Finish Expert Advisory Board and recognized advocate for change among postsecondary leaders nationwide, shares his thoughts and experience on moving change at scale, lessons learned and best practices.