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How We Can Help

Working together, we can help more students succeed in their first year of college.

Strong Start to Finish is working to amplify the introduction of educational reforms, organized around a set of evidence-based design principles developed by higher educational institutions and leaders. These principles have been shown to transform students’ experiences so they succeed in their first year of college and enter a program of study that leads to a degree, license or certificate with labor-market value.

Colleges and states across the nation have seen dramatic improvements in student success by implementing reforms consistent with these evidence-based design principles. They bridge the gap between developmental education and guided pathways, so every student is on the path to graduate.

More students could benefit by connecting guided pathways and developmental education.

The guided pathways approach is used by many colleges to help students navigate their studies to complete a degree or certificate. This approach reduces and simplifies the choices a student must make—from choosing courses to choosing a program of study. While helpful to many students, it’s not reaching those in developmental education.

There is limited value to reforming developmental education if students don’t take the next step toward their academic and career paths, and there is limited value to guided pathways if they are only populated with the same students who have historically been well-served by higher education.

Now is the time to deliver on the promise of higher education.

Working together, we can connect developmental education reforms to guided pathways to deliver on the promise of higher education. To reach this goal, Strong Start to Finish serves as a catalyst for sharing knowledge between postsecondary institutions and knowledge leaders.

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