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Our Action Plan

Amplify evidence-based practices to help more students of color get off to a strong start.

At Strong Start to Finish, we are part of a collective effort working to amplify and accelerate evidence-based educational practices to help colleges work effectively with large numbers of students of color—particularly Latino/a, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, and Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander students.

Start in a few key areas.

We have started by funding a set of states, postsecondary systems and metropolitan regions to support efforts to advance evidence-based practices.

Every student’s first year will begin with the academic and non-academic support necessary to get them on a path to college and career success. The vast majority of students will go directly into credit-bearing work rather than stand-alone, pre-requisite remedial education. Developmental education will become an “on-ramp” for guided pathways.

Learn together, as we work.

The systematic building and sharing of knowledge is central to our work. We will use academic research, cross-site convenings and a continuous cycle of learning to capture and share knowledge broadly.

Overall research and knowledge development will be guided by an Expert Advisory Board, comprising leading practitioners and technical assistance experts. This group will represent a cross-section of scholarly expertise and hands-on practitioner experience, chaired by Dr. Philip Uri Treisman, a recognized advocate for postsecondary improvement nationwide and leading mathematician from the University of Texas at Austin.

Develop a knowledge platform to expand what we learn.

Strong Start to Finish will evolve as we learn from what’s working in the initial funded sites and from aligned efforts across the field. Over time, we will develop a knowledge platform so that all colleges can help students succeed in their first year of college and enter a program of study that leads to a thriving career.

Build momentum so more students succeed.

Working in partnership with higher education leaders and institutions, foundations and nonprofits, we can ensure a growing body of students are shown how to navigate their institution and program of study, and are provided with the academic and non-academic supports necessary to progress toward their college and career goals.