The Past Informs the Future: What We’ve Learned about Scaling Developmental Education Reform

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October 20, 2023

The developmental education reform movement has had great impact over the last decade – and has the potential for even greater impact as institutions and states move toward scaling placement reform, corequisites, and math pathways. In this workshop, Amy Getz, Senior Program Associate at WestEd, and Bruce Vandal, Principal at Bruce Vandal Consulting, examined the status of reform efforts and the strategies that have been shown to be effective in scaling reforms at the state and system level. This discussion focused on understanding the roles of various stakeholders in implementing and sustaining these critical reforms to help achieve better outcomes for students, especially for racially minoritized students, students with low income, and returning adults.  

Topics: Course Structures, Corequisites, Math Pathways, Scaling, Policy Change, Placement, Placement Policies
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